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The New Generation of Quick-Change

It was while rehearsing in the famed Moscow Studio "BOLSHOI "THE GREAT MOSCOW STATE CIRCUS" AT VERNADSKY AVENUE. General director Mr. KOSTYUK L.L.)" that artists Sos and Victoria Petrosyans were inspired to create the act "The New Generation of Quick-Change".The name itself has required Sos and Victoria to develop their ideas with modern methods in mind, utilizing the latest technologies to meld traditional transformation techniques with hip choreography, cutting-edge music and unique pyrotechnic and light effects. The performance of lighting fast quick-change combined with hip dance moves insures that the transformation show of Sos and Victoria Petrosyans will always be one spectacular performance! Sos Petrosyan made his first appearance with a Quick- Change act in 1991 in Moscow. At 1996 he presented the finished Quick Change Transformation act with two woman and 16 costumes.

In association with Europe's best designers, Sos designed and created a literal "fashion line" of divine costumes that appear to be nothing less than "haute couture" in complete disguise of the Quick-Change mechanisms. During her elegant romp Victoria transforms from one elegant look to the next, stunning the audience in unbelievable speed!

Since the inception of this new act, Sos and Victoria have appeared several times on the world famous French television show of Patrick Sebastian "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" as well as the international TV special "BEST OF". Sos and Victoria have taken the Art of Quick-Change Transformation to an all new height. Their performance is nothing short of breath-taking as they present the super modern version of a traditional craft that won them 1 st prize at the stage festival in Moscow and the “Gold Medal” at the magic competition in Paris

The future is very bright for this handsome couple. Their resume already boasts the highest achievements that any performer could hope to attain.

The growing collection of world class artists with whom they have graced the stage is a literal "who's who" list of international show business today. Their current schedule has them appearing on the world's most prestigious stages and thrilling audiences in nearly every entertainment capital. A Quick Change act is one of the most expensive and most impressive illusion effects that there is.

There is a great difference between a magician performing a Quick Change in his program, than a complete Quick Change act. You have to live for a complete Quick Change act! Sos and Victoria live for Quick Change.

To be sure, there is only one thing about Sos and Victoria Petrosyans that does not change quickly… and that is their ability to be the absolute best at what they do!!!

2014 Sos & Victoria Petrosyan
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